Kim Soo Hyun’s Gwiyomi : Expectations vs. Reality



if gatsby wrote a letter to nick it would be addressed to “old sport” because i firmly believe gatsby doesnt know nicks name

jinyoon ♥


Adorable Dog (Frenchie!) Plays with NYPD Police Horse on Wall Street [x]

omfg today in lab, we were synthesizing alum. and like 2 hours in, we were heating it on the hot plate and after like 20 mins, it was finally done. SO my fcking lab partner uses the tongs and SPILLS THE FLASK LIKE WTFFFF and then we had to redo everything AND NOW she’s asking me how to do percent yield. I CANT WITH THIS OMFG

OMG AND SHE BROKE A TEST TUBE TOO like HOW WHAT and of course there was solution in the test tube and i had to go remake it and UGHHHHHHH

wahh my new lab ta is such a hard grader :(((

miss ya andre u da cutest and nicest :(((



One of the best scenes of Malcolm in the Middle ever.

that fucking kid took one for the team


things women worry about under patriarchy: rape, domestic violence, access to contraceptives, equal pay

things men worry about under patriarchy: getting called gay, paying for dates, why does the car wash give women $1 off on wednesdays