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Young, talented players who are all plagued by unfortunate game-ending left knee injuries. I’m really grateful because they have brought me an unforgettable season as a first year fan watching basketball. Their game-changing plays were phenomenal and it really is heartbreaking to see that such talent and hard-work aren’t continued until the finals. I’m hoping that they’ll have a speedy recovery and come back greater and stronger than before!! Let’s support the Knicks, Bulls and Timberwolves with more love <3 

I’m not really a first year fan, but like this person said, they did bring an unforgettable season! So I wish all these guys speedy recoveries! Can’t wait till they’re back on the floor! 

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Novak: You know Jeremy & Landry do have a bond…and the first time I noticed that was definitely when we were on the plane, and I had my headphones on even with the noise cancellation and I had music going on, and I could STILL hear Jeremy and Landry screaming like little girls! And I’m looking over like what are they doing over there….

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