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[ @ ] houstonrockets Even on the plane, Dwight can’t get away from the “Howard Sucks” chants.

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BEST OF 2012 - Linsanity.

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Jeremy Lin & Yao Ming in Taipei
Via @nba Instagram

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hey guys,

i was lucky/fortunate/honored to get the chance to work on this project….

the movie/documentary…Linsanity!

this movie…is more than just a chance to relive those magical moments that consumed New York last year.  it’s a chance to show that hard work and perseverance really does pay off.

if you get the chance…check out the kickstarter page HERE.

this movie/documentary premieres January 20th at The Sundance Film Festival in Utah, Park City.  And you better believe I’m totally pumped to be going.

but this movie is going to need your help to come to life.  and even a dollar would help make this dream come to life one more time.

thanks so much.


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