how to calm someone down when ur not close enough to pat on thigh or like put arms around shoulders lol

lmao i was talking to my sis about inviting jeremy to wcc and i’m so excited now

sighs doing my laundry rn cause no more underwear so can’t shower x.x

omfg today in lab, we were synthesizing alum. and like 2 hours in, we were heating it on the hot plate and after like 20 mins, it was finally done. SO my fcking lab partner uses the tongs and SPILLS THE FLASK LIKE WTFFFF and then we had to redo everything AND NOW she’s asking me how to do percent yield. I CANT WITH THIS OMFG

OMG AND SHE BROKE A TEST TUBE TOO like HOW WHAT and of course there was solution in the test tube and i had to go remake it and UGHHHHHHH

wahh my new lab ta is such a hard grader :(((

miss ya andre u da cutest and nicest :(((

u know ur in too deep when u think about them enlisting and tear up 

omg loving my black studies class rn (minus the absurd amount of reading he expects us to read like we got 6 textbooks and he wants us to read ~350 pages a week) cause 1. he is hilarious 2. he knows his shit (he’s 70 y/o and he was in texas and went to the protests and sat in the segregated buses and stuff)

thunder and lightning whattttt

first day of spring quarter:

AHAAH so you need to be 21 to drive students for school teams or something and the coach believed that i was 21 HAAHAAAHAH