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gross guy at the mall

“why are you guys all dressed up”
“is it someone’s birthday?”
“do you speak mandarin?” (no response) “piao liang”

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I’m gonna miss these people so so muchh😢

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the second (and final) installment of “my white roommate”!!

she continues to do stuff

  • uses butterknife to scrape tar off the bottom of her shoe. continues to use knife for spreading pb, cutting fruits, etc
  • decided she’s no longer going to wear shoes in the showers because too annoying??
  • refuses to spend 50 cents for the dryer but buys $300 plane ticket to see her bf
  • brags about how she has read 4 books since the start of school and its more than what she’s read in the past 2 years???
  • doesn’t care if she puts her shoes with her clothes / don’t need a plastic bag to put the shoes in

honestly she wasn’t bad just little things that make me question her buuuuttt it was a good year and i can’t imagine living w/ many of the girl on my floor so i’m glad we got partnered up

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You can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and write the first 20 songs that play without skipping. Tag 10 people afterwards.

tagged by choijinri

1. 小宇 - 還簡單的多

2. the all-american rejects - straighjacket feeling

3. wanted - can’t keep the eyes open

4. mir - come on

5. brown eyed soul - can’t stop loving you

6. bastille - of the night

7. 張震嶽 - 認輸

8. block b - nalina

9. 林宥嘉 - 越反越愛

10. 5566 - 月兒光光

11. 大嘴巴 - baby gnite

12. gorillaz - on melancholy hill

13. u-kiss - 0330

14. 1tym - last night story

15. norwegian recycling - mashups in heaven

16. 林俊傑 - 曹操

17. 張韶涵 - 保護色

18. brown eyes - the second story i want to tell you

19. f.t island - love it, hate it

20. sigma - 淚奔

tagging: slumbered dorodoro springdayrain noraininmysky chengyv kristiners lisa-shin and anyone else who wants to do this!!!

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sighs expected this but still disappointed

least i’m pr/mcc

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seeing him on tv just made it that much more real

rip george


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